Who We Treat

Our main focus is on helping the abused and foster population to include children, adolescents and adult survivors.

Foster the Mind also treats veterans, police, firefighters and first responders as well as the general public.

We provide individualized treatment based on an assessment and analysis of the individual  to include recording the brain’s electrical activity, clinical interviewing and testing. 

We use neurofeedback, neuromodulation, Interactive Metronome and counseling to help move clients to a better quality of life.

This provides relief from many mental health conditions, such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression and much more, for children, adolescents and adults.

Mental Health Solutions

Foster the Mind’s goal is to provide help and hope for those suffering from mental health challenges through highly effective brain training. As a nonprofit we serve those in need of intensive mental health treatment for reduced to no fee alongside the general public at standard market rates.

qEEG / Brain Map

A qEEG (quantitative electroencypholgram) or brain map is a 19-channel recording of the electrical activity of the brain. It is examined to identify problem areas in the brain that are potentially contributing to an individual’s symptoms.

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is an evidence-based assessment and training tool that measures and improves Neurotiming, or the synchronization of neural impulses, within key brain networks for cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance.


Neurofeedback uses operant conditioning to train the brain by providing auditory or visual feedback as a reward to increase the production of healthy brainwave patterns and connectivity.

Neurofeedback used alone is effective; however, we use a combination of neurostimulation and neurofeedback to move the brain in a healthier direction at a more rapid pace.


Neurostimulation helps to retrain brainwave patterns (like amplitude and connectivity) by using an individualized blend of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field stimulation (PEMF), transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS), transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), or transcranial Random Noise Stimulation (tRNS).

These methods can help improve blood flow and the growth of new blood vessels and capillaries, as well as neurogenesis (the generation of new dendrites and neuronal connections).

Our Process

Brain Mapping

The journey towards improved quality of life with Foster the Mind begins with a comprehensive brain map assessment. We utilize advanced technology to create a detailed understanding of each individual’s unique brain activity. This assessment is conducted over two separate visits.

Visit 1

19-Channel Brain Map

During the initial visit, we employ a 19-channel brain map to gather essential data about your brain’s functioning. This helps us identify areas of concern and sets the foundation for personalized treatment planning.

Visit 2

5-Channel Brain Map

The second visit utilizes a 5-channel brain map to further refine our understanding of your brain’s activity. This data enables us to create a more tailored and effective treatment plan.

Visit 3

Treatment Plan

Following the brain map assessments, we work closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Treatment Plan

1. Getting Information from the Patient

We value your input and actively involve you in the treatment process. By understanding your experiences and challenges, we can create a treatment plan that resonates with your unique situation.

2. Patient History

We gather comprehensive information about your medical and psychological history. This thorough evaluation ensures we have a holistic understanding of your needs.

3. Correct Diagnoses

Accurate diagnoses are crucial to effective treatment. Our team of professionals employs their expertise to provide precise assessments and diagnoses, setting the stage for targeted interventions.

4. Training & Treatment

Once your treatment plan is in place, we begin the training process. Our therapy training sessions are suitable for individuals aged 5 and above and are tailored to your specific diagnosis and treatment goals.

Options for Payment

At Foster the Mind, we are committed to making our services accessible to everyone. We offer flexible payment options, including:


Full Price


Half Price


Services for those in need


To ensure the best possible outcomes, we recommend twice-weekly therapy sessions. This regular schedule helps you make steady progress toward improved mental health.

Monitoring Progress

We believe that progress should be both measurable and transparent. Throughout your treatment journey, we continuously assess your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan as needed. Our approach is person-centered, ensuring that your unique needs remain at the forefront of your care.

At Foster the Mind, we are dedicated to fostering hope and instigating lasting change in the lives of individuals and families who have faced adversity. Our process is designed to provide the support, care, and expertise you need to achieve improved mental well-being. Join us on this transformative journey today.